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  • electrolysis - boardworks

    Title: Electrolysis Subject: Boardworks GCSE Additional Science - Chemistry (Summer 2011) Author: Boardworks Ltd Last modified by: lauren.mason Created Date


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  • 8. rates of reaction - chemistry resources for ib,...

    Title: 8. Rates of Reaction Subject: GCSE Additional Science - Chemistry (Spring 2007) Author: Boardworks Ltd. Created Date: 9/13/2003 7:39:42 AM Document ...

    rates of reaction.ppt

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  • gcse english literature (8702)for first teaching in ... - aqa

    GCSE English Literature (8702)For first teaching in 2015 and for first assessment in 2017. Notes version for use in schools and colleges. Copyright © AQA and its ...

    AQA 8702 SOV.PPTX

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  • jane austen pride and prejudice - world of teaching

    Jane Austen IGCSE English Literature Biography Jane Austen was born on 16th December 1775, at Steventon in Hampshire, where her father, the Rev. George …

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  • year 9 - claremont high school, kenton

    Supporting and challenging your child. Know what they need to do. Go the extra mile! 100% Attendance. GCSE Foundation Year

    GCSE Foundation Year.pptx

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  • gcse science - wikispaces

    GCSE Science C1b Oils, Earth and Atmosphere C1b Oils, Earth and Atmosphere Completed by 20th November 8 weeks till exam But… Additional Applied Science as …


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  • 11. extracting metals - ais igcse science - home

    Title: 11. Extracting Metals Subject: GCSE Science - Chemistry (Autumn 2006) Author: Boardworks Ltd. Last modified by: Jeff Piggott Created Date: 1/19/2006 11:58:17 AM

    10.5.3 extracting metals.ppt

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  • extracting metals by electrolysis - ais igcse science - home

    Title: Extracting Metals by Electrolysis Subject: Boardworks GCSE Science - Chemistry (Spring 2011) Author: Boardworks Ltd Last modified by: build.manager

    extracting metals by electrolysis.ppt

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  • gcse chemistry making salts lesson element

    Title: GCSE Chemistry Making Salts Lesson Element Author: OCR Keywords: GCSE, Chemistry, Making Salts, Lesson Element, resource Last modified by

    179603 making salts activity splat powerpoint.ppt

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  • impacts of tourism - wikispaces - geog-on2igcse - home

    Impacts Of Tourism Advantages And Disadvantages Positive Vs Negative Tourism has both positive and negative impacts for an area. In both the United Kingdom and in ...


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  • impacts of tourism - wikispaces - bshgcsegeography - …

    Impacts of tourism in Kenya. LO: to be able to explain the positive and negative economic/ social and environmental effects of tourism in Kenya

    Impacts of tourism in Kenya.pptx

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  • 11. human impact on the environment - chemistry …

    Title: 11. Human Impact on the Environment Subject: GCSE Science - Biology (Summer 2006) Author: Boardworks Ltd Created Date: 10/6/2003 1:07:42 PM

    pollution general.ppt

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  • gcse ict ks4 intro - teach ict - tons of free teaching ...

    Skills in ICT are a pre requisite in our modern times. Title: GCSE ICT KS4 Intro Author: Ritchie King Last modified by: rking Created Date: 6/2/2003 6:55:58 AM


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  • databases - schoolrack.com

    IGCSE ICT . Mrs. Ghazaal. file = table = file = table = file = table. Records. Fields. Key Field / Primary Key. It is very important that every record in a database ...

    IGCSE Databases 2013.pptx

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  • ring two output devices.

    ICT IGCSE May/June 2003 Paper 2 Ring two output devices. CD ROM drive Keyboard Scanner Speaker Plotter Touchpad 2 Ring two items which can store large amounts of …

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