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    Historical archaeology is the study of a period. Usually post-prehistoric literate societies, a way of distinguishing ‘historic sites’ archaeology from ...

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    What is Archaeology? The study of past cultures through material remains left behind by people. The remains are studied in an attempt to understand and ...

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    How does Archaeology get done? Some Types of Archaeology The Goals of Archaeology Sites What are they? Analyzing Archaeological Data Understanding Past ...

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  • archaeological methods - missouri state university

    Archaeological Methods REL 101 Dr. Victor H. Matthews Archaeology Defined Archaeology is the study of ancient artifacts, whether they be material remains ...

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  • slide 1 - university of leicester

    What is archaeology? Archaeology is the study of the Human past. Archaeology is the study of human past, from the earliest evidence of man to modern day.

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  • aerial photography for archaeology -

    History of aerial photography for archaeology. Balloon flights in early 1900s. 1906 – Air photos of Stonehenge from military balloon . Cameras attached to kites

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